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Parrot Heads are serious about the purpose part. Buffett himself devotes considerable time, energy, and money to such causes as Save the Manatee Club (savethemanatee.org), which he cofounded, and research on Alzheimers disease, which afflicted his father. His fan clubs followed. When you think about it, it makes sense. Who longs to escape? Not barflies and beach bumstheyve already escaped. Its the hardworking, socially conscious, responsible types who indulge their fantasies through Buffetts lazy tales of tropical slacking. Even while goofing off, Home interior design software they cant escape their industriousness. And so the Sarasota Bay group does about eight area cleanups a year, plus fund-raisers for youth shelters, the American Cancer Society, manatee protection, Alzheimers research, and more. Last years charitable donations totaled $13,357not counting the carloads of items collected for Toys for Tots.

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