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Nature’s choice Create a holiday feel to your outdoor living space with the latest look in Balinese shade structures. Home interior design idea These can be of hut or pavilion style, include daybeds and seating, or be erected over a spa to create privacy and provide protection from the sun. The roofs are typically made of African reed thatch, Indonesian alang alang thatch, or timber shingles. Or you can opt for tiles with bamboo weave lining. A major advantage of thatch, other than its beauty, is its excellent insulating properties. If you like your shade natural, a structure topped with a product such as Natureed is one way to go; another is timber battens or bamboo poles. Or if you have an open pergola you can grow deciduous vines across the roof so you’ll have shade in summer and sun in winter. No matter what you choose or why, a shade solution will extend the use of your outdoor area and give you another room to use throughout the year You can go for a designer option, such as the Hanging umbrella from Manutti. Sails are a simple yet effective choice. Photo courtesy of Outrigger Awnings.

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