Home Designs And Floor Ideas

Home Designs And Floor Ideas


Add skirting board to the bottom of the box; remember to allow for air flow. Use a profile gauge to transfer the pattern of the skirting on the wall to the new skirting board. Use a coping saw to achieve a perfectfit.

Add the finishing touches: beading along the edge of the lid will prevent the lid sliding – it needs to be at least 25 mm (1 in) deep to hide the frame and air flow gap; and add beading to the corners of the box for a classic finish.

Boxing a Bath Cut out the grille panel with tin cutters. If you want to paint the grille, do it before adding it to the box, so you can hold the grille flat.

Screw flat beading to the edges of the grill – this holds the grille in position -then screw the entire grille panel to the back of the framing beading that was fitted around the edges of the hole in the front board.

IF you want to box in a roll-top cast iron bath, you need to create a simple frame and allow an access hatch to the plumbing. This frame can be built around a bath that is positioned against two walls; you can also apply the same technique to make a supplementary frame for moulded plastic baths. However, never use the frame to replace one specifically made to support the flexible structure of plastic baths. ~~ ‘ The frame is of 50 x 50 mm (2×2 in) sawn softwood, with glued and screwed lap joints where necessary. The sides are covered with high density building board, with a panelled effect that is made by using softwood moulding. The surrounding shelf is made from 25 x 100 mm (1 x 4 in) board with a rounded facing edge. You can add architrave moulding beneath the shelf, and skirting board at the bottom of the panels.

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