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My advice to anyone moving into a new house is to wait for a while before deciding on decoration, says Geoffrey. The couple also own a small farm in Majorca, and Geoffrey admits he rushed into decorating there. Home design magazines I made a lot of mistakes initially; here we have taken our time and its paid off. Were really sure about this house. That confidence is borne out by every room, evident in everything from the imaginative use of fabrics to the unpretentiously chic extension finished last year. Save the removal of a small room which hid the gal-leried staircase at the top of the landing, very little needed to be done to the house structurally. Floors were replaced with English elm, though the hall retains its wonderfully worn original York flagstones. Most of the windows and shutters are original. However, nearly all the chimneypieces had been taken out and many of the period features had either been masked or removed.

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