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Countrified windows

Windows give the character to a house, just as features suggest the personality in a face. Small changes in style, Finish or proportions of windows can destroy the spirit of your home – consider carefully the effect that changes will make to the outside as well as the inside of the building.

Until the seventeenth century, most windows were of the four-panel casement type, opening outwards (or inwards) like a door on butt hinges. The particular irregularity of the glass is important, and such windows are ruined by insensitive and mechanical metal casements and phoney leaded lights.

Thereafter, sash windows became more common in Britain and America; usually they open vertically, but horizontal-sliding sash windows have a peculiar charm and work well in wide, low frames.

Today, we are used to great expanses of glass, but originally windows were busily divided by mullions. The Fine art of fenestration seems to have fallen by the wayside – proper leaded lights, decorative Georgian fan-lights, and the dignified proportions conveyed by a satisfying geometry of wooden mullions – seem to be a thing of the past.

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