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I suspect that this website was under reconstruction when visited for the second time, as the ‘Next’ button in wallpapers was not operational. By the time this article is published, I am sure there will be more to see, or perhaps the site may have completely changed again! In entering this site I found an animated graphic, along with the association’s contact details. Home design departures By clicking the moving graphic I was able to enter a site which gave me plenty of options. I nearly missed the choices, as my eyes were drawn to photographs which I thought might be the selection icons. However having woken up, I did notice several options from which to choose: introduction, industrial sector; member companies, information requests and comments, and other sites. By going into ‘information,1 I was given a further list of options including dyeing and finishing, industrial/technical textiles, and knitting, to name a few. I have to congratulate the Association on this site, it is packed full with useful info and contacts.

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