Home Design Bedroom

Home Design Bedroom

One of the wonderful thing about windows md doors is fhat they are architectural. Good windows have structure and form which relate to the history of your home, its date and style. They genuinely have that often misrepresented quality, ‘character’. Your windows may be things of beauty elegant multi-paned Georgian sashes, Victorian with in interesting pattern of glazing bars, or rolled-steel casements original to an Art Deco house or block of flats.

Even a plain one-over-one Victorian sash, i row of pretty cottage casements or a handsome pair of modern wooden French windows can have proportions and an honesty of appearance which make the windows a pleasure to look at. Large plain windows in a contemporary building with a nodernist or industrial look are equally nractive in a different way. Windows should be decorated in a decisive style which is syrn-nthetic to, though not necessarily imitative of. their particular period and setting.

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Doors, too, come in innumerable shapes, fizes and styles. Flush doors (a relatively modern invention) are flat on both sides. Panelled doors have recessed sections, often a modern flush door is painted a strong dusky blue, edged with moulding two or six panels if Georgian or Georgian-inspired, four if Victorian or Victorian-inspired, three if early twentieth century. Cottage doors, made to varying degrees of sturdiness and sophistication from planks, the simplest usually being the oldest, are known as battened doors.

We same colour as the bedroom walls. The cylindrical knob reinforces the clean simple lines of this ex-wcnshop in London’s Spitalfields. The radiator, painted O zontrast with its background, becomes a feature rather tier being disguised as one might expect.

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