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Absolutely nothing. I just wanted a very recognizable figure. Something that throws you completely off guard.” Michael always has been a step ahead when it comes to photography. It’s what made him a top fashion photogra- pher for more than 20 years. “ And now that he’s moved to Destin, Florida, it’s why families from all over ask him to capture them on the beach in soft black-and-white. His decision to relocate happened fast. Michael grew up in Ocala, Florida; his wife, Cheryl, in Pensacola. After years working for New York’s fashion industry, a contract with Russell Athletic had quadrupled his business. Home design 3d free In 1993 he semiretired to an 80-acre farm in north Georgia with Cheryl and their two children. But Florida beckoned: “Cheryl and I were on the beach while visiting friends, and we both just sort of blurted out,‘It’s time to come back.’ In a matter of weeks, we sold the farm and moved.” Michael’s fashion shoots had taken him all over the world, and he developed a stunning portfolio of landscapes and people. “I realized I had enough to open a gallery,” he says. So in June 1998, he opened one in nearby Seaside, After two decades as a fashion photographer, Michael Belk brought his camera home to Florida.

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