Home Decorating Exterior Ideas

Home Decorating Exterior Ideas

Plates with Something in Common

Those who collect plates for decorative purposes often have specific themes, colors, or patterns they prefer. Some people only collect plates from a specific period, while others collect pretty plates, old and new, and mix them together. Creamware in different patterns, for example, makes a lovely display if you want a monochromatic traditional look. Antique Spode dishes with blue and white scenes are among some prized collectibles often displayed on a wall. There are also very lovely reproductions. Wedgwood is another collectible used this way. In fact, blue and white patterns seem to be the most popular theme, and they add interest in a room filled with blue and white fabrics.

Where to Find Interesting Plates

Many antique shops carry old and often valuable plates. Many better craft shops feature plates in all sorts of patterns, sizes, and shapes created by artisans! In gift shops we find fanciful, sophisticated, and whimsical plates such as those designed by Mackenzie-Childs. Early majolica and Quimper, both old and new, are among the popular collectible plates.

Hanging Plates

It’s quite easy to hang plates. They look best when the holder isn’t too conspicuous. Simple wrought-iron plate holders can be found in gift shops. They are made to display three, four, or five plates in a vertical row. In this way they can be a decorative element in a room, and also easily accessible for use. To display the plates on the wall you can also find simple, inexpensive spring-tension wire holders at most hardware stores. You can also find a variety of fancier holders such as brass ones with decorative elements on them, which hold one plate each. Also available are freestanding brass and wooden plate holders in different sizes for displaying one beautiful plate on a shelf or table.

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