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When you go to buy refinishing materials, you will be amazed and perhaps puzzled at the variety of paints, enamels, lacquers and varnishes of all sorts. However, they fall into two main classes of furniture finish, those which

show the grain of the irood such as clear varnish, orange and white shellac, rubbing oil and waxes. Under them, sometimes, not always, water or acid stains may be used to slightly color the wood. In the second class are those which hide the grain of the wood such as oil paints, enamels, lacquers, and the darker shades of varnish stains. Dont be confused about varnish. There are two sorts: varnish stain is opaque; clear varnish is transparent. Dont be confused about enamel. It is a paint which is quick-drying and is a comparatively recent development. Oil paint is in two classes: glossy and flat. Lacquer, another variety of paint, dries hard in thirty minutes, is durable and easily washed.

if refinishing hard, open-grtiin wood, see below:

It was used extensively through the 16th Century and today is usually chosen for massive pieces of furniture in Early English, Italian, or Modern styles. It should have a dull finish.

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