Home Decor Living Room

Home Decor Living Room

Using paint

There is no paint so shiny and hard-wearing as good quality oil-based gloss. The deep-blue gloss used in this country-style kitchen-cum-dining room is practical as well as decorative; it can be wiped down and will withstand the onslaughts of dirt and condensation.

Paint on woodwork

Both oil- and water-based paint can be used on woodwork. Traditionally, bare wood is prepared for top coats of paint with both primer and undercoat. Primer seals the wood and smoothes any slight blemishes. Undercoat, which can be coloured, gives a solid ground for the first top coat. All-in-one primer/ undercoat is popular. The acrylic form dries quickly and can be painted over with oil-based paints as well as water-based ones.

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Paint on metal

Metal requires special primer, filler, paint, thinner and cleaner. It is best to use products from the same brand. The more specialized paints do not need undercoat, and have rust-proofing qualities. They also need only one coat for complete coverage. For a really chalky, matt black finish on metal, consider using blackboard paint.

Applying paint

Paints need to be stirred thoroughly with a clean implement before use. A piece of wooden dowelling is ideal. However, do not stir non-drip paint or it will lose its non-drip qualities. If you do so in error, cover and leave the paint for several hours to stabilize.

Working with a heavy can of paint can be difficult and dangerous. Decant a proportion of the paint into a smaller paint kettle, or a clean metal or plastic container with a handle.

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