Home Decor Ideas For Small Living Room

Home Decor Ideas For Small Living Room

To remove Dirt from Quirks

In the case of work which has been neglected, a little fine brick dust is useful if scrubbed into the quirks, from which it will remove accumulated dirt.

When the whole of the surface under treatment has been cleaned, it must be thoroughly swilled down with clean water, frequently changed, so as to remove, not only the dirt loosened in cleaning, but all traces of the cleaning agent, whatever it may be.

After the actual cleaning has been done, it is advisable to rub the old work down prior to revarnishing, and this is best done by means of fine-grade waterproof sandpaper, using cold water only as a lubricant. After such rubbing, a further swill down with clean water will be required, so as to remove every trace of grit and, finally, a leathering off with a chamois leather is desirable.

The work, when cleaned, swilled, rubbed down, again swilled, leathered, and allowed to become perfectly dry, is then ready for varnishing.

When varnishing start at Top and work downwards

In applying varnish the following procedure should be observed: Always begin at the highest parts and work downwards.

Thus, the picture mould would be done first, then the window sashes, next the window casing, followed by any cupboards there may be, next the door and, always as the last item, the skirting boards and floor surround, if any.

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