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Purchased by legendary cosmetics magnate Max Factor in 1960, the seven-unit apartment complex became the Factor family retreat. Each unit featured its own kitchen ”complete with a built-in cabinet-style refrigerator and freezer”dining room, and full-size living room with views of the kidney-shaped pool, as well as a private carport and entrance.

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futuristic-hair-salon-interior.jpgI will show you a variety of ways to meet the above recommended servings in two different seven-day meal plans in the following chapter. There will be one-week plans for both non-vegans and vegans, and if you want to get even more creative, The Whole Pregnancy breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes found in Chapters 18, 19, and 20 include a variety of these foods. Now that I have talked about daily servings of specific food groups, I will put these guidelines together in a sample meal plan so you can see what a realistic week of food looks like for both non-vegans and vegans. The meals and snacks found in these plans are meant to be simple with a low number of ingredients and fast preparation times. For more variety, feel free to substitute any meal or snack with recipes found in Chapters 17, 18, 19, 20, and 21. No beverages are listed with your meals I highly recommend consuming water (at least eighty ounces per day) as your primary beverage since your blood volume is expanding. Other suitable beverages include unsweetened coffee, tea, mineral water, and water infused with fresh fruits.

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