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To soften the look and keep the design concept cohesive, Z L Construction replaced all its high-gloss doors with matte doors. The team also altered and enhanced the built-in carpentry to include MR 16 LED lights and install Blum Tandem drawers.

MASTER BEDROOM (opposite page, left) After combining the study with the master bedroom, it is now larger than before. Constructing a walk-in wardrobe behind the bed and a loft above it proved to be an ingenious use of limited floor area in the bedroom. Jake also conceptualised a mild steel cat ladder with laminated steps.


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Step into the master bedroom, and you’ll see the walk-in wardrobe that comes with a concealed door. This layout keeps the bed area further in the bedroom and hidden from view for privacy.
Great Kitchen Design Ideas   Kitchen Decor Pictures


(far right) It is hard to tell from the outside, but the walk-in wardrobe is surprisingly roomy. This space connects to the hidden en suite bathroom too, which keeps the master bedroom itself looking neat and streamlined. Every detail in the wardrobe is customised for the couple, with double-volume hanging racks and slim drawers in between for accessories.

and remove the study room so as to have a bigger master bedroom,” says Jake Yeoh. The director of interior design practice Z L Construction then conceptualised rooms with loft spaces.
Great Kitchen Design Ideas   Kitchen Decor Pictures

With this concept, Jake has ensured that the spaces retain their open, airy feel while the owners get to enjoy more living space and storage options. It might not look it, but it was a complex project that took seven weeks. “The working space was a constraint,” he explains. “Staging and scaffolding had to be done. But there were also new carpentry steps and storage installed all over, so careful planning and logistics were needed to ensure that work got done.”

To achieve a modern minimalist look, Jake concealed all cables.

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