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The facade, based on a grid of horizontals and verticals like Scattolin's electricity company headquarters, is less daring, apart from the virtuosity of the remarkably slender elements which are made to appear to support the top two storeys. Paradoxically, the most celebrated architectural projects of the second half of the twentieth century in Venice were the least visible. These were the internationally renowned interiors by the local architect, Carlo Scarpa 1906-78. A devoted follower of Wright, Scarpa kept Wright's drawings for the Masieri Memorial house after the rejection of the scheme fig.

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174. Some fifteen years later, in 1968-9, he designed his own interior for the house to serve as an architecture gallery for the Masieri Foundation, exploiting the triangular geometry of the site. 50 Scarpa had already endowed Venice with some memorable interiors.

As the joint winner of the Olivetti prize in 1956, he had been invited to design the Olivetti shop on the north side of Piazza San Marco fig.178.

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