Garage Flooring Ideas

Garage Flooring Ideas

Natural floor-coverings have become very popular recently due to the wide choice available and their relatively low cost; they also look good in almost any setting. The strong texture of the rush matting here lends relief to the flat features of this room and the neutral colour works well with the vivid colour scheme.

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4 Tiles are one of the most versatile flooring materia being both almost indestructible and waterproof. The handmade ceramic tiles in this shower room give it a more countrified look, the hand-painted tiles on the fkn’ and tiles cut into pyramids on the skirting adding visue interest to an otherwise tiny and plain space.

Floorboards may look worn and dirty but it is surprising how good they can look when they have been sanded ( 134-135) and varnished. For renovation, though, they do need to be in reasonable condition; any damaged boards should be replaced and gaps filled ( 132133). If the colour of the boards is not quite commensurate with the room’s decoration, they can be painted or treated in any number of ways. A painted design can look breathtaking and will always be a talking point for visitors.

Cracks and pits in concrete floors can be repaired fairly easily (page 152153) and then painted with a plain colour or any type of pattern imaginable. Alternatively, a concrete floor can be covered with a pattern of plywood squares which can be cunningly painted to imitate flagstones or a marble-tiled floor (pages 144-145).

One of the few floor surfaces that cannot be easily changed with paint is tiles; the paint will chip off in the hard wear such a floor is likely to receive, especially in the places where tiles are usually laid, such as in kitchens and bathrooms. Unwanted floor tiles must either be physically removed or covered with another floor-covering, such as might be used for concrete. Another surface that does not accept paint is vinyl, because the paint reacts with the plastic and peels off.

Having made the decision to renovate an existing floor rather than to cover it up, the first step is to decide how the finished floor is to look, for this will determine what preparation the floor will need.

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