A funky abode Bali home design

A designer who has worked in places as far afield as Japan, Canada and Europe, David Lombardi enjoys creating “funky” houses. His home in Canggu is one opportunity that has allow ed his creative streak full expression. Surrounded by rice paddies and pandan fields, the house immediately gives one the impression of playful irreverence. The juxtaposition of contrasting shapes and volumes, and of different textures, materials and primary colours, adds interest and unexpected detail to all living spaces, giving them a refreshing and fun effect.

The whole compound develops through a single axis to embrace all-the entrance, buildings, pool and landscaping. From the entrance, a walkway leads to a transitional living area, whose traditional along along structure clad in bamboo half conceals and half highlights a modern blue building, and creates a visual tunnel that encourages one to enter. This distinctive structure houses the kitchen in its left wing and a suspended office in its right.

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