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The radiator scene has improved amazingly over recent years. Good-looking, well-made and super-efficient radiators from Scandinavia and the Continent have challenged our manufacturers and vastly extended the range of possibilities. A major factor has been the emergence of Bisque, the first specialist radiator shop in this country. Although Bisque itself does not undertake installations or do site visits, it will, given detailed plans of your house showing window areas, provide a tailored scheme using radiators of your choice from those it stocks, so that your plumber or central-heating contractor can simply order and install. Based on experience, Bisque stocks radiators by three manufacturers: the splendid fiat-faced Hudevad designs, A frame home designs which avoid the usual ugly elbow brackets with pipe connections to their bottom edge; Zehnder, which first introduced the ladder towel-radiators; and, more recently, adventurous models, such as the giant X-Stream radiator from Swiss designer, Arbonia. All three offer an extraordinarily wide range of types and sizes. The radiator valves Bisque prefers are Temset thermostatic valves and Ballofix standard ones. I was encouraged to hear that Bisque agrees with my own view that running central heating on an on-off basis is not only wasteful of energy and hard on boilers, but provides far less human comfort than keeping heating on all day at a very low temperature. The latter results in walls, ceilings and floors being charged with heat so that you are surrounded by a gentle, radiant warmth instead of over-heated air. You can turn the heating down some ten degrees or so at night, but guard against freezing by not letting the temperature drop below 45°F (7.2°C).

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