Floral Home Designs

Floral Home Designs

Plants and flowers have always been the answer to hiding unattractive corners and ugly plumbing, and are an instant method of softening and prettifying hard lines and gappy arrangements. They are also a way to create a visual punctuation mark -a winter window-sill with snow outside looks fine, but becomes a work of art with a semi-transparent scarlet begonia against the snowlight.

Plants are an area where one should be ruthless -it is too easy to become a half-hearted horticultural charity with window-sills displaying etiolated geraniums, all elbows and knees, and a leggy and venerable busy lizzie given to you by the lady next door. Keep only the ones that have survived neglect, and resolve to be kinder to them – geraniums are happy to be mostly ignored, and are absurdly grateful for the odd dose of fertiliser. Similarly, Streptocarpus spp. (Cape primroses) have elegantly wayward foliage and insist on flowering under adverse circumstances.

Plants look best in groups – a basket full of African violets makes an impact in a way that no single plant can manage, however nicely potted. If three china-blue hyacinths look and smell wonderful, think what twenty will do in a handsome blue and white footbath. Lily-of-the-valley can be induced to flower indoors -try a great trough of them, interseeded with grass. Tureens full of snowdrops have a delicate perfection: you can examine them closely in a way that only the most foolhardy would do out of doors.

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