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LEFT The kitchen, seen as you walk through the door. Sink and oven run across the opposite wall. One of a pair of bench seatsperfectly fits the curve of the lichen-green wall; the table, designed by Rutherfoord, has a veneered satinwood top and Australian walnut underside, with a bevelled glass centre. An aboriginal burial pole houses two low-voltage lamps, placed top and bottom.

INSET ABOVE American vinyl curtains hangfrom bronze sailing shackles below the hob.

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A mix of Italian and English laminates covers the work-surfaces. The floor is made from board It is now some time since the bride was carried over Rutherfoords limestone threshold, into the Russian-red, curvy-walled hallway with its stainless-steel skirting.

She says, I love it. Its not the kind of modern that tires quickly, and its very relaxing to live with. Even though Ahmed had known Charles for seven years and had followed and admired his work, his stories suggest that to convert to commissioning the architectural designer you need a religious calling.

You must have faith, he insists.


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