Exterior walls of the house

Perhaps one of your house’s walls is large, dull and overlooks or flanks your gardens. A creative way to create a wall garden from this would be to construct planters along the wall then plant your favorite shrubs in them; or simply place long portable pots along the wall and similarly have your preferred bedding plants in them. Hedges

So you have considered all the above options but you would still rather go all green with your wall. If this is the case, setting up a hedge is the way to go and hence these are the considerations and guidelines when growing your hedge.

The function it will serve – If you require a hedge to serve as a perimeter or boundary, you should grow it even before construction of the facility begins. If you are dealing with an already established home or office, start growing your hedge as soon as the rainy season begins.

Choice of plant – Closely related to the function that your hedge is to serve is the choice of plant to use for the hedge. Why? Because different hedge plants have varied characteristics. Common hedge plants are:

1. Dovyalis callra (Kei apple) -slow growing but suitable for perimeter hedging as it is very difficult to penetrate once it is fully established. What is more, it gives a deep green colour and smooth texture because of its small leaves.

2. Bougainvillea – Fairly fast growing and its flowers come in various colours therefore very good for hedging spaces that are already within the compound and for instances where you are working with a theme. It could also be used as a perimeter hedge but its vines are not as strong as those of the kei apple.

3. Parkinsonia aculeate (Jerusalem thorn) – Also relatively slow growing is the Jerusalem thorn and therefore used for shorter hedges but those that require to be strong and act as very good deterrents because of the thorns.

4. Duranta – These woody shrubs come in different varieties; broad leaved, small – leaved, green and yellow. The broad-leaved varieties are fast growing and can also be used for color – theming.

Plant mixing – You may combine the various hedge plants but ensure that you get professional guidance for this.

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