Extendable Dining Table Design

Paint with some shine, such as satin or even shinier semigloss, is also used in kitchens, baths, or childrens rooms, as its easier to scrub. Again, depending on your preference, you might like the light-reflecting qualities of semigloss paint for a dramatic dining room used at night or even a small decorative powder room. Semigloss is used for woodwork and trim, but follow your taste. Caution: White and off-whites are at least as tricky as vivid colors.

One final tip: If you love a color, but it's overpowering, switch to a lighter value of the same paint chip. It's also possible to get the paint store to custom mix a shade between two adjacent values on the paint chip.

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Paint cans usually state the one-coat coverage you can expect from 1 gallon of paint or primer.

For many paints, including primers, a gallon will cover about 400 square feet. But its still a good idea to calculate coverage. Measure the perimeter of the room (all walls).

Multiply the result by the ceiling height to get the square footage. Round off to the full foot. Dont deduct for windows or other openings unless they add up to more than 100 square feet.

Divide that figure into the number of square feet that a gallon of paint promises to cover. Round up to the nearest whole number. Buy accurately, as it is difficult to match paint if you need more or to dispose of properly if you buy too much.

However, its always a good idea to save paint for touch-ups, especially if you think you may rearrange artwork or rehang window hardware. WHAT OTHER SUPPLIES DO I NEED? The tools are simple but necessary for interior painting. Heres what you will need for the basic paint jobs: Primer Brown paper drop cloths for the floor; heavy plastic drop cloths for furniture Surfacing compound and knife to apply it, sandpaper, painters tape, edger Metal paint pan, plastic liners, roller with threaded handle for extensions, sash and trim brushes.

Most interior jobs call for a 7- or 9-inch roller frame. Use a long pole for the ceiling and a short pole (2 feet long) for walls.


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