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Or General Surgeon. Rather it is a direction to point out that architects! Work in and are most active and influential in other aspects of projects than design, and those efforts are necessary to the proper documentation and construction of the projects. They are invaluable; necessary; and require the highest expertise for success in all of the work. Every student and young professional needs to know “ and understand “ this.

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This list, in itself, points up the breadth of the profession and the various narrow opportunities for architects. Each area is valid and has its prescribed direction that is well served by an architectural background and education. Yet these are not all exposed much less discussed in the schools of architecture, where heavy emphasis is placed on design and the design effort “ and professional practice instruction is sparse if it exists at all.

While there may be some validity to heightened exposure to design principles, it would seem not to rise to the level that valuable instruction on other ancillary aspects of practice are excluded. In view of the fact that the same type of talent, knowledge and skill is required to produce the entire range of projects, architecture must be a process that is varied to the desires of the client and the results anticipated.

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