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Should you be stumbling towards the Caen-Portsmouth car ferry, an address worth noting is La Cheneviere, eight kilometres from Port-en-Bessin, a Normandy chateau situated between Omaha Beach and Bayeux. The place is a little forbidding at first, but if you are courageous enough to ignore this you will encounter an unfussy excellence from which you will emerge a more complete person. MW DESIGN SOLUTIONS Colour counsel There are no absolute rules for using particular colours of paint, since our taste and views on their appropriateness are wholly relative. Our attitude towards, and experience of, colour is shaped and developed by the society we live in. Our ancestors not only used different paints in different circumstances, but will have perceived them differently.

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Cultures around the world have enjoyed greater access to certain paints, with characteristics derived from locally-available pigments and materials, and they have evolved their own idioms and traditions for employing them. EASY FINE DINING HOME RECIPES The terms used to distinguish paint colours are notoriously vague, with references changing across and even within languages. Moreover, the degree and type of light and space alter our perception of colour.

Colour also changes in appearance depending on the surface it is applied to, as well as whatever surrounds it or is placed on it, and these interactions are hard to predict. Given so many variables and the bewildering variety of products on the market, this month's Design Solutions offers a guide to paint today, based on historical reference and geographical spread. The pleasure of using paint is in experimentation, not in the certainty of the end result.


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