Dining Zamalek

When the present owners came to Broughton in 1968, they found a fussy and rather tired garden of parterres and shaped beds, the legacy of rich tenants who had lived there in late Victorian times. Almost their first action was to enlist the help of the late Lanning Roper, the highly respected American garden designer, who understood what the English aristocracy wanted from their gardens. DINING ZAMALEK Still imbued with the postwar need to retrench, he simplified the garden so that it could be managed single-handed by the head gardener; he removed, for example, the heart-shaped and round beds, the pond and the pergola which lay to the east of the walled garden; but he left TOP The structuredframework of strong walls and arches that enclose the Ladies Garden is softened by mixed shrub and herbaceousplanting which spills on to the gravelpaths.


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