2. Will it be hard wearing and how long will it retain its appearance? 3. Is it stain resistant and easy to clean? 4. Do you or the manufacturer offer a guarantee. If so, what does it cover and how long does it last? 5. Does the carpet need an underlay. If so, what type do you recommend? 6. Will there be a charge for removing my old carpet or moving furniture? 7. Are you insured for accidental damage for your carpet fitters inside my home? 8. Is the price quoted inclusive of fitting and accessories? 9. Do you offer discounts, interest-free or ‘buy now – pay later’ schemes. If so, what are the financial implications? And a few questions to ask yourself… Is the price quoted within my budget? Am I going to change the carpet in three or four years or am I buying it to last? Do I feel confident that I’m getting good service and value-for-money from this retailer? Chris Moffat is an executive with SMG, the National Furnishing group, an association of350 nationwide independent Carpet and Furnishing retailers. Keeping your new carpet looking like new for years to come is easy so long as you follow a few basic principles.

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