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It is fortunate that, even in todays one stop, one shop world, an element of the British wine trade that provides a home delivery service to consumers has managed to survive. Indeed, statistics show that increasing numbers of consumers actually prefer buying their wine in this way: they can rely on a wealth of specialist advice, for classics such as vintage port, fine claret and burgundy as well as, more importantly, for exciting, innovative and characterful everyday wines. And all this with a minimum of hassle: they can place orders by telephone or fax, obtain intelligent, helpful advice when required, and keep their weekends for better things than lugging heavy cases of wine in and out of a car. Probably the most famous of all home delivery wine specialists in the UK is the Wine Society, founded in 1874.

DINING YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARKE very prospective member must become a shareholder, which is easily done for the small sum of £20.

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The Wine Society offers regular, countrywide wine-tastings for its members, a telephone advice line, and storage for any wine bought through the society, as well as one of the most comprehensive selections available. I have been particularly attracted to its marvellous Wine Without Fuss system which automatically delivers specially selected cases of wine – all reds, all whites or a mix of the two – to your home, quarterly.

You simply have to choose the category: maximum £55 (level 1), maximum £72 (level 2) or maximum £90 (level 3), and tell them not to deliver if you dont like the look of the selection, details of which are given well in advance. Another innovative service operating exclusively by mail order is Halves which, as its name suggests, deals only in half bottles. There are more than 300 wines from France and other countries to choose from and the firm will happily put together mixed cases.

I think its range of specialist sherries and offer a broad, up-to-date range and service, to meet the demands of modern customers.


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