Transfer the pears to a serving dish. Reduce the cooking juices by boiling them fast, until they are a syrupy consistency. Pour these juices over the pears and serve warm or at room temperature. Serves 8. y ff’ In 1997, cookery courses will ITLxJ” be held from 27 May-2 June, OFFErI 2-8 June, 14-20 June and 20-26 June. Each course costs £695 per person. Price includes accommodation in individual rooms all with private bathroom, transfers from Madrid airport, all meals and drinks, cookery demonstrations and a day trip, but excludes flights. H&G readers can book the course at a 10% discount. To make a booking, contact Mary Anne Popoff, EHS Travel, Madeira House, 37 Corn Street, Witney, Oxon 0X87 7DQ, (01993) 700600, fax (01993) 771910. Offer subject to availability. SHORT BREAKS Devon sent DINING XINTIANDI For a rejuvenating fix of countryside, wildlife and friendly faces, you can do no better than take a trip to north Devon Leaning on the ferry railings, we watched the island of Lundy grow from a distant smudge on the horizon into a towering mass of granite. A remote rocky outcrop that became a protected nature reserve in 1969, it remains a stranger to the trappings of modem living. Cars are banned from its one road and its main source of power is a single rickety wind turbine. I had not thought that such desolation could be found so close to civilisation -Lundy lies just 11 miles off the coast of north Devon.



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