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If you are using a synthetic roller cover, precondition it by rinsing with water and spinning dry. (Do not precondition a lambs-wool roller. ) Use a metal tray, with disposable plastic liners, as its more stable than a paint can and can be attached to a ladder. Fill only one-third of the tray with paint. Load the roller by rolling it in the deeper end of the tray, then smoothing it on the sloping surface until the paint is distributed evenly.

Paint the ceiling first, starting with a narrow strip at the ceiling line, then walls around openings and along the baseboards. Use a brush, edging roller, or paint pad for this; use a small brush or trim roller for corners. When applying paint to large surfaces, make a letter M (3 feet across and 3 feet high), DINING TABLE IDEAS PINTEREST then fill in spaces, working from the unpainted area into the wet paint.

If you are using the same paint for walls and woodwork, paint the woodwork as you get to it. If the woodwork will be another color, paint it after you have completed the walls. SPECIAL CASES: CHECKERBOARD FLOORS Paint (two colors of oil-based enamel or floor paint) Wood filler Hand sander Tack rags Straightedge Gray charcoal pencil Chalk line Quick-release masking tape (1 V2 inches wide) Acrylic matte medium Matte-finish, nonyellowing polyurethane Measure your room.

Transfer the measurements to graph paper and chart out a check repeat tfiat minimizes partial checks around the edges.

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