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COLOROPTIONS Find warmth in unexpected places-such as rosy pink and light peach; clear, medium shades of green and lilac keep the scheme from overheating. Decorating a room with a northern exposure or a room with little natural light? Think about colors that warm your decor and, on cold nights, your soul. Nothing is cheerier than classic yellow as a wall color. Treated as neutrals, pretty, sunny yellows are appropriate in any room of your home.

For a cozy, comfortable palette, combine yellow with shades of rusty and clear reds.

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Red and yellow alone, often supplied by patterned fabrics, are the classic warm palette. Or, if you like the primary scheme of red, yellow, and blue, use cool blue as the supporting player.

Remember, too, that texture and pattern contribute to warmth. Introduce wood tones and mixes of prints. RIGHT: Consider the overall effect of color choices. The contemporary, DINING TABLE DECOR HOUZZ ceiling-hung shelves and island are strong design elements as they stand out against the pale walls.

Matching walls would have overpowered the small space, and an all-neutral kitchen would have lacked the vibrancy and design punch. Pair such a warm color with a cool huehere grayfor the excitement of contrast. For more design-building colors, choose two or more of these easy-to-live-with, 1950s-inspired hues.


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