Pierre du Midi sandstone, 40cm square x 1 cm-2cm deep, £42,30 square metre, from Stonell, 521 -523 Battersea Park Road, SW11 (tel: 0171-738 0606). Cost of stone, about £530. Laying costs, as estimated by Stonell, would be between £18 and £20 square metre, with £9.40 square metre for sealant, adhesive and grout, totalling £342. Nowhere are escargots hunted and devoured with greater fervour, declared my guidebook of Burgundy. Its a common sight to encounter drab figures beating the undergrowth with sticks after a rainfall.


DINING TABLE FOR 8 PERSONS_3.jpgDINING TABLE FOR 8 PERSONS_2.jpgDINING TABLE FOR 8 PERSONS_0.jpgDINING TABLE FOR 8 PERSONS_1.jpgWhether you have no known fertility issues or you are having trouble with conceiving, this chapter is for you. The foods discussed here are for both providing exceptional nutrients for the embryo in the early stages of conception as well as furnishing the best foods for women who want to increase chances of fertility. Studies now correlate the typical Western diet of grains, processed foods, and sugar with raised rates of infertility.28 These studies recommend following a good diet, but one’s idea of a good diet is open to interpretation especially with all of the conflicting information that can be found on the Internet, in books, or even in your doctor’s office. In a nutshell, studies now suggest that carbohydrates from vegetables, sweet potatoes, squash, some fruits, and healthy fats from foods such as avocado, grass-fed meats, and eggs optimize one’s fertility.29 There are several ways that having celiac disease or NCGS can affect your ability to get pregnant, stay pregnant, the overall health and development of your baby in-utero, delivery, breastfeeding, and beyond. The major factor is malnutrition related to the destruction of the villi in the small intestine (duodenum, jejunem, and ileum) preventing food from being broken down and absorbed as nutrients or fuel for your body.

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