Dining Room Wall Wallpaper Ideas

Dining Room Wall Wallpaper Ideas
Preparing the surface for wallpapering
Wallpapers come in a dazzling selection of finishes and styles, from rustic to romantic, from delicate hand-blocked to tough vinyl. This country-style paper is strikingly pretty but has a washable surface – invaluable in a kitchen.
As with painting, the quality of the finish you will achieve with wallpaper is dependent upon thorough preparation. A new wallpaper will transform the look of a room but it will not necessarily hide the basic defects of the wall beneath. Some textured papers, such as woodchip or anaglypta, will successfully cover minor imperfections, but smooth-finish papers can be extremely unforgiving.
Prepare for wallpapering in the same way as you would for painting ( 5657) by moving as much furniture as you can out of the room and pushing the rest into the centre where you can cover it with dust sheets. You will need to cover the floor in plastic sheeting which should then be covered by a fabric dust sheet, to prevent you slipping on the wet plastic. Stripping old wallpaper is an extremely damp process, so it is also vital that you pay attention to your own safety while you do it. Because of the amount of water you are using, you may wish to turn off the power temporarily at the mains while you strip the paper near light switches, electrical sockets and other fittings.
It is very important to remove old wallpaper properly and then rectify any damage to the wall beneath before starting to paper. Left untreated, damp patches will eventually seep through, and impurities in the plaster could eventually spoil the paper. It is essential to investigate any problems at this stage and have them dealt with before wasting money on decorating what may then have to be redone.

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