Dining Room Glass Table Sets

Dining Room Glass Table Sets

Mortise latches and locks

A mortise latch or lock is fitted into the thickness of the door and is thus hidden from view. Insurance companies generally specify the type of mortise lock acceptable to them for exterior door security. 0

Thumb latches

A thumb latch is the type of fastening mechanism that is appropriate on battened cottage-type doors. You grip a vertical handle while pressing down on a protruding iron (or wood, if the latch is wooden) plate just above it. This raises the sneck which lifts the bolt (known as the ‘beam’) to open or secure the door. All the mechanics of the fastening are on the surface of the door, which gives the thumb latch a special charm and interest.


These are the small plates, somes with a swinging flap for diai exclusion, which surround keyh Door handle back plates often id porate an escutcheon.

Finger plates

These are narrow rectangular ps placed vertically above and son.es below a door knob. They are de^j to protect much-used doors I greasy fingermarks. Antique oik made of the same variety of i porous materials as door kii modern ones are just as likely made of plastic, resin or a metal

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