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BELOW, LEFT: to decorate this headboard, metal buttons were used instead of nails. Holes were drilled through the headboard before it was covered. After upholstery, threaded buttons were pulled through these holes and fastened at the back. Alternatively, use a professionally covered headboard.

BELOW: cover a photograph album with wadding and your chosen fabric, then tap in the upholstery studs, working from the middle outwards. A wilderness is defined as an uncultivated region. DINING ROOM DECORATING IDEAS GREY How contrary, then, that Ryl Nowell, a landscape architect, should create a garden out of the derelict yard of Wilderness Farm, and launch from it her garden business, Cabbages & Kings.

Ryl has been designing gardens for more than 25 years, including four for The Chelsea Flower Show and one for Hampton Court. You might expect her to be far removed from those of us with small plots to tend, but Ryl is a woman with a mission. Garden design should relate to everybody.

Its time to bring it off its pedestal. Most people want to re-create a fragment of Chelsea, but you should never copy anything. Instead, try to take tips from the landscape and mould the garden from whats there already. ? The garden at Cabbages & Kings was initially created to show visitors how a range of design ideas work in practice – a three-dimensional Most people want to re-create Chelsea, but you should never copy anything.

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