Accessories Glassware, bed linen and blankets, all Liberty, (0171) 734 1234. Table, Mark Maynard Antiques, (0171) 731 3533. Lamp, Porta Romana, (01420) 23005. Antique lustre-ware, Shirley Rothman, (0181) 550 8015. Picture frame, Habitat, (0645) 334433. Bedhead, to order, Cover Up Designs of Kingsclere, (01635) 297981. MAIN PICTURE: decorate a picture frame with large and small square nails. FAR LEFT: DINING FOR DOLLARS a plain card lampshade can be transformed by simply working out a pattern in pencil and pushing decorative nails through the marked points. LEFT: our shelf was found in a junk shop and needed repairing and painting before we could embellish it with plain brass upholstery nails.


DINING FOR DOLLARS_9.jpgDINING FOR DOLLARS_19.jpgDINING FOR DOLLARS_14.jpgEating whatever you want may lead to excessive weight gain and health problems for mother and baby. Unfortunately, half of all pregnant women are overweight or obese. Myth (7^ You can get everything you need from prenatal vitamins! I talked about prenatal vitamins in Chapter 4 but I am mentioning it again here as synthetic vitamin intake (as opposed to obtaining naturally occurring vitamins from food) has become a popular, quick fix among pregnant women. Prenatal vitamins are synthetic versions of real vitamins they are made in a lab! Typical food intake of the general population lacks essential vitamins and nutrients which creates the need for the ever-expanding market of fortified nutrients. If you eat a balanced diet of whole foods, you will get what you and your growing baby need. Prenatal vitamins are not easily absorbed and contain things like folic acid and ferrous sulfate inferior versions of folate and iron. Myth (3) Stay away from fat! It is true that many fats should be limited or avoided during pregnancy but not all fats are created equally! We tend to overdose on omega-6 fats which are found in items such as processed foods, vegetable oil, fast food, cookies, chips, and French fries, and then lack the omega-3 fats that are most beneficial during pregnancy.

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