From painting as a hobby, Patzi Craven has carved herself ABOVE: this cornucopia filled with artichokes is one of a pair of prints. BELOW: Patzi applies the final touches to a basket of pansies. a niche as a highly sought-after designer of textiles and prints of gorgeous designs, painted by hand or silk-screened, DINING PLAN FOR DISNEYLAND for cushions, fabrics and lampshades. Some of the designs are my own; others are based on 17th-century motifs. For example, I saw some wonderful frescoes in Italy last summer and they really inspired me, she says.


DINING PLAN FOR DISNEYLAND_4.jpgDINING PLAN FOR DISNEYLAND_7.jpgDINING PLAN FOR DISNEYLAND_0.jpgDINING PLAN FOR DISNEYLAND_2.jpgDINING PLAN FOR DISNEYLAND_5.jpgOmega-3 fats are found in foods such as wild salmon, walnuts, flaxseed, and grass-fed meats. These fats are not only beneficial to the mother but they also play a key role in fetal brain/eye development and is beneficial for maternal heart health. Myth (9) Keep hydrated with Gatorade and juices! Fluid needs increase dramatically during pregnancy due to your increasing blood volume but this doesn’t mean that it’s beneficial to load up on beverages such as sports drinks, fruit juices, or vitamin water. Making water your primary source of hydration while pregnant is critical. Of course, sports drinks and vitamin enhanced waters boast electrolytes and fortified (fake) nutrients but what comes along with these electrolytes and nutrients is a whole lot of sugar, artificial coloring, and preservatives. Want some ideas for homemade, natural beverages that boast electrolytes? At week forty of my pregnancy (I did not deliver until I was forty-one weeks and five days along), I had gained a total of twenty-three pounds. Throughout my pregnancy, my doctor had warned me several times that I was not gaining enough weight.

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