Designs for rooms

Origanum – or Sweet Dittany – makes bright cushions when it is planted in full sun. 4 Flower colour is well set off by mellow stonework. 5 A white curtain of clematis hangs from the eaves. 6 Multi-coloured flowers, including white Anthemis, and a flourishing tree peony on a background of contrasting foliage. 7 A single column set off by a screen of evergreens. 8 Thick-set shrubs cover the ground and suppress weeds. 9 White flowers again – Delphinium Galahad is one of the best; white delphiniums with black eyes are particularly effective. when we came, and I added others, including tree peonies, which did particularly well. There is a white Mrs. William Kelway which leans out over a pond, making a lovely effect. As a general rule, we aimed at a colour theme for all our plantings. I never tire of white borders -1 love all white flowers.

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