Designing Living Rooms

Designing Living Rooms

Why Cheap Brushes are Unsatisfactory

With cheap brushes there is not sufficient thickness of hair to carry the weight of the paint, and as a result the paint is not evenly spread out and brush marks are formed.

Best quality brushes have the bristle set into a rubber mastic which is then vulcanized, this ensures the bristle being firmly held in place; such brushes are known as “rubber set”.

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Of course, if you are someone who suffers from a severe deficiency that has been medically diagnosed by your doctor and your doctor recommends a synthetic vitamin regimen, then please follow your doctor’s orders. As you may already know, folate (or synthetic folic acid) is one of the most highly regarded prenatal nutrients as research shows that neural tube defects are reduced by 70 percent when adequate folate or folic acid has been consumed. While folate and folic acid are promoted interchangeably, their implications can be extremely different. The naturally occurring form of B9, folate is bioavailable so it absorbs more efficiently and is found in a variety of foods. Folic acid is the synthetic form of folate and is largely found in fortified foods and supplements. Not only do our bodies use folate more efficiently, we are also adept at regulating folate levels in our bloodstream as it is capable of being excreted through urine. Synthetic folic acid does not metabolize in the same manner and one must closely regulate how much synthetic folic acid is consumed as too much can lead to toxicity.

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