Design Of Living Room

Design Of Living Room

Decorating Dos and Don’ts

If you’re on a tight budget, use your money to buy basic upholstered furniture. You can always find interesting accessories and items like wooden tables or dressers at yard sales or flea markets; these can be painted, stained, or refinished to add interest to a room. Decorators have always enjoyed the challenge of solving problems in creative ways. It might be using objects in unexpected ways, decorating small spaces dramatically, or making over a found object to look like something one might find in an expensive shop. The following ideas might be just the ticket for your decorating needs.

For a small space, make every piece of furniture count. Storage units should be just thatgood storage space for the items you’re storing.

Make a small bedroom look larger by using bureaus that are slightly narrow and low. Many companies make apartment-size furniture that’s good for a small bedroom or dining room.

One large, impressive, and useful piece in a small space is often better than several small pieces.

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