Design Kitchens

First Impressions.

Make a statement with a stylish wood door.

1. Heavy Metal.

Create a dramatic entrance with a solid wood door topped off with a speakeasy grille and metal hardware. (Knotty alder door with insulated sidelights, nicksbuilding. Com)

2. Glass Act.

Wrap your door in windows to lighten up a dark entryway. (Mediterranean door from reclaimed Douglas fir, realcarriage doors.

Design Kitchens Photos

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3. Natural Beauty.

Carved doors add instant curb appeal while connecting your home with the great outdoors. (Left: Carved moose door, artfactory. Com)

(Right: Party Crasher carving on distressed pine, greatriverdoor. Com)

4. Mission Accomplished.

A Craftsman door looks right at home on a timber frame, especially a cottage style design. (“Leopard's Tail” entry door made of Ribbon Mahogany with Burl Redwood panels, mendocino doors. Com)

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