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STEP 1 Cut an even number STEP 3 Pass the leading end of of lengths of rope or cord. the second set under the loop Divide into 2 groups. Shape from the first: set, over its own tail, the first set into a flat loop. then under and out the other side STEP 2 Thread the second of the loop from the first set. set through the tails of the STEP 4 Gently pull tails to tighten first loop, under and over. knot, adjusting cord to flatten knot. Learn the ropes Head to the supermarket, hardware store or fabric shop to pick up the right rope or cord for the job. Design ideas Soft to the touch, this versatile upholstery product can be dyed or painted any shade either before or after knotting. Pick it up from fabric stores. Cotton Sash cord Strong and smooth, braided sash cord coils beautifully and comes in a range of thicknesses. Head to the hardware store to pick up a bundle.

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