Design Ideas Brocade Letter Holder Black

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China Fair.

1638 Beacon St. Brookline; (617) 566-2220

2100 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge; (617) 864-3050

70 Needham St. Newton; (617) 332-1250

China Fair is Mr. Cs longtime favorite for glasses, flatware, kitchen accessories, and, well, china. They import most of these items for distribution to fancy stores (all the way up to Tiffanys! ); but here, amid jammed, no-frills surroundings, you can shop at the same wholesale prices.

They seem to have just about anything you could want, from complete dinner sets and silverware to glass candy jars, coffee makers and tea kettles, pots and pans, Pyrex cookware for the microwave, and even wicker baskets and bamboo shades.

Crystal wine stems go for around $5 and up, one-third of the price at the above-mentioned ritzy boutique.

A three-cup espresso maker was seen for a mere $9. 99. A forty-piece dinner set, complete for eight people, was $50. Or, you can buy individual items by the piece. Service is laid-back, but with a smile. Open weekdays and Saturday; closed on Mondays during the summer.

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