Design For Living Room Ideas

Design For Living Room Ideas


These are of the flat type and are very similar to the flat paint brushes except that they have shorter and stiffer bristles and the tips of the bristles are bevelled so that they are what the painter calls “worn in”, that is, they spread the enamel evenly and do not leave deep brush marks the same as an ordinary new brush would do. Enamel brushes can be used for varnishing, although it is better to keep separate varnish brushes.


These are of the flat type also, and best brushes have white bristles which are very stiff and springy; they are relatively expensive and should be kept solely for varnishing. Even when used every day by decorators or coachpainters, varnish brushes last several years, and up to a point the longer a varnish brush is used the better it becomes. Varnish brushes are now sold with bevelled bristles so that subject to the preliminary cleaning mentioned later, they are ready for use as bought. For amateur requirements a 1-inch and 2-inch brush is all that is needed.

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