2017 Garden Trends

The year is still young, and we are still eager to know what trends to tap into, as is Mary Keen, a garden designer and writer who predicts, “Long-flowering plants and shrubs, which need less tending, will be popular.”

Adam Frost, a garden designer at adamfrost.co.uk says, “I have been adding and will continue to add more edibles to my planting. I’m also looking at foraging and really trying to connect people with their gardens in a different way, giving them an everyday relationship with nature.”

James Basson, a garden designer at scapedesign.com, says, “Gardens are moving to be more sustainable and ecological, with locally sourced materials for landscapes.” To get more of these predictions and trends, get a good read on gardensIllustrated.com by Alys Hurn. Don’t be left out!

Fruits and vegetables are, without a doubt, beneficial to our health and to some extent, very tasty! Growing them is a different experience. To ensure you have fresh and healthy food all year round, Alan gives advice on what to do on your allotment. Be ready for time-saving tips and techniques, as well on how to get rid of pests. For steps on how to sow, plant and harvest, look no further!

Are you looking forward to knowing the latest products and technology? The 13 th edition of Kenya Trade Show, with exhibitors from over 15 countries, is finally here, showcasing importers and exporters from the hospitality, consumer and household appliances to electronic products. This will take place at the Sarit Expo Centre from the 15 th to the 17th of April 2016.

2017 Garden Trends Photo Gallery

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