Decorative Living Rooms

Decorative Living Rooms

When furnishing a house, buy as much as you can at one time so that everything works together. The biggest problem a novice faces when buying furnishings over a period of years is keeping the big picture in mind at all times.

Carefully select accessories. A vase filled with fresh flowers doesn’t have to be expensive to be beautiful. And this can often look better than a table filled with small knickknacks.

An instant and inexpensive trick for warming up a sparse room is the placement of a group of framed family photos on one tabletop, a stack of posts on a small chair or table, and a quilt or woven throw over a sofa or chair.

If you’ve just moved into your first home and can’t afford artwork of the quality you’d like, decorate with framed prints. Most galleries sell limited-edition prints of the original art, and when framed beautifully, these will do the trick. A large poster or mirror on a wall can be more dramatic than a group of small prints. Framed photographs provide another inexpensive option.

Window treatments can be costly. There are many clever ways to soften window areas, provide privacy, and visually expand the space. Shades, wooden blinds, plain panels, valances and ready-made curtains are available for standard-size windows. When possible, use one system throughout the house. Honeycomb Duettes are perfect. Choose colors to match the walls for a continuous look. They’re plain, unobtrusive, and decent looking. They can also be used under anything you add in the way of drapes.

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