Decoration in living room

Tall, clipped yew proved the answer to both problems. Inspired by the work of the late landscape architect Brenda Colvin, and in part implemented by her partner, Hal Moggridge, yew hedges and a yew tunnel now define the east lawn. At the same time, they provide a frame for the outstanding view and necessary protection for the borders. Placing the hedges was critical to ensure the proper perspective. When we looked at the house from the fields, it seemed about to topple down the valley, Caroline remembers. Hal Moggridge worked out how to plant the yew to make the house look straight. The approach to Upton Wold across a wild meadow planted with cowslips, Decoration in living room fritillaries and white daisies gives no hint of what is to come, part of a garden plan which is designed to tease the visitor, to surprise but not to shock. Formal elements, like the clipped hedges, the topiary and the newly created canal, are balanced by areas of rough grass and a natural pond; the disciplined geometry of the kitchen gardens is offset by a woodland garden.

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