Decoration In Living Room

Decoration In Living Room


They should be suspended in a keeper containing water.

Unless the bristles are set in rubber the brush should be soaked in cold water for an hour or so before use to swell the wood of the stock and tighten the bristles, thus preventing them from coming out; then shake out as much water as possible and rub out on the palm of the hand to dry the bristles before dipping into the paint.

To work Paint into a Brush

To work paint into a brush, dip in the bristles for about three-quarters of their length and scrape out on the side of the pot, repeating several times, and finally paint an old piece of board to work the paint right into the centre of the brush.

Do not Use a New Brush for Finishing Coats

A new brush should not be used for finishing coats, as even the best brushes when new cause brush marks and a few hairs come out. With use the bristles become slightly worn and set into a good shape, so that when loaded with paint they cling together and the brush is said to be worn in. Until it attains this condition, however, it should be used for rough work, such as fences, etc., or for priming and undercoats, although brush marks in these coats should be avoided so far as possible.

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