Decoration Ideas For Living Room In Apartments

Decoration Ideas For Living Room In Apartments

Do not Wash a Brush out with Soap and Water

It is a mistake to wash out paint brushes with soap and water and store them dry as is sometimes recommended; it is impossible completely to remove the paint from the stock of the brush, no matter how careful the washing; and this results in the “heel”, i.e., the part where the bristles join the stock of the brush becoming hard and matted so that when used again the paint oozes out from this point and runs down the handle, also brushes treated in this manner cause brush marks when subsequently used.

The Correct Method of storing Paint Brushes

The correct way to store brushes used in oil paint is in a water-keeper. This is a deep tin such as a biscuit tin or a 1-gallon size flat varnish tin with one side cut out. The brush should have ‘a -inch diameter hole drilled in the handle on the shoulder, i.e., the wide wood part just above the binding. Through this is threaded a length of stiff wire long enough to reach across the width of the keeper.

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