Decoration house

A damask-print wallpaper from Laura Ashley decorates the study adjoining the sitting-room. 2 Janet and Paul Czainskis painted clouds on the hall ceiling generate a seductively far-away look. 3 and 4 Laura Ashleys Hollyhocks design is used for walls and curtains in the main bedroom. Initially, the hall was a typically long, narrow and uninteresting corridor. One of Diana Griffin-Strauss frequent trips to the Royal Pavilion at Brighton provided the answer for the transformation seen today. Based on a theme of bamboo and trellis, the cornice and skirting edge are painted to simulate bamboo, whilst the walls are patterned with trelliswork in tones of lavender, grey and mauve. The ceiling is given a seductively faraway look with painted clouds. Good fortune was most assuredly on her side when, under at least six layers of bright yellow paint , Diana Griffin-Strauss found the floor to consist of the original York stone, forming the perfect combination with the decorative chinoiserie.

Decoration house Photo Gallery

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