Decoration For Small Living Room

Decoration For Small Living Room

Mixing inexpensive with really good elevates the inexpensive items. It’s also interesting to pair tables found at a yard sale and painted a funky color with a terrifically wonderful sofa.

Furniture usually has to do double duty in small spaces. You can cover inexpensive outdoor plastic chairs with ready-made slipcovers from a catalog and no one will be the wiser. It’s a great way to throw a big sit-down party with matching chairs. And a great tablecloth will conceal just about any old table underneath.

All-white chinaware, no matter how inexpensive, will always look terrific. Add wonderful salad or dessert plates, each a different pattern, for interest.

Flowers: All one color is more dramatic than a mixed bouquet. White is elegant. For a table setting, let your napkins add the color.

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